Affiliate Program Agreement


Welcome to the LocalXpose Affiliate Program! By enrolling in our program, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this Affiliate Program Agreement. Please read this document carefully before joining.


To become a LocalXpose affiliate, you must complete the online application. We reserve the right to accept or reject any application at our discretion.

Commission Structure

LocalXpose will pay affiliates a commission on qualifying sales generated through their unique affiliate link. Commission rates and payment terms are outlined on our affiliate dashboard and are subject to change at our discretion.

Promotional Guidelines

Affiliates are encouraged to promote LocalXpose through ethical and lawful methods. Prohibited promotional methods include false advertising, spam, and any activity that may harm our brand reputation.

Termination and Suspension

LocalXpose reserves the right to terminate the affiliate relationship for any reason, including violation of terms, fraudulent activity, or for any action that may harm LocalXpose or its users.

Prohibited Activities

As an affiliate, you agree not to engage in the following activities, including but not limited to: a. Self Sign-Up and Card Testing: You will not self-sign up through the affiliate link or engage in card testing attacks. b. Competing Ads: You will not purchase ads that direct to your site(s) or through an affiliate link that could be considered as competing with LocalXpose’s own advertising, including, but not limited to, our branded keywords. If running ads, you need to direct the ad to your own website (and not to or a standalone landing page). Additionally, you can't use a domain that looks like LocalXpose's main domain, such as, to redirect visitors to our landing Cookie Stuffing: You will not engage in cookie stuffing or any other deceptive practices that may manipulate tracking or lead to fraudulent activity. d. False Representation: You will not make false or misleading statements about LocalXpose, its products, or services in your promotional materials. e. Trademark Infringement: You will not use LocalXpose's trademarks or branding materials in a way that may infringe upon LocalXpose's intellectual property rights. f. Incentivized Traffic: You will not incentivize users to click on your affiliate links through the use of misleading incentives, such as cash rewards or discounts. g. Unsolicited Email Marketing: You will not engage in unsolicited email marketing (spam) to promote LocalXpose. All email marketing activities must comply with applicable laws and regulations. h. Unethical Practices: You will not engage in any unethical practices, including but not limited to black-hat SEO techniques, cloaking, or any activity that may harm the reputation of LocalXpose. i. Coupon and Deal Abuse: You will not promote unauthorized or fake coupons or deals for LocalXpose. Only official and approved promotional materials should be used. j. Violation of Laws and Regulations: You will not engage in any activity that violates applicable laws, rules, and regulations. k. Reselling LocalXpose Services: You will not resell LocalXpose services without explicit written consent from LocalXpose.

Change of Ownership

In the event of a change in ownership of LocalXpose, whether through acquisition, merger, or other means, LocalXpose reserves the right to modify, suspend, or terminate the affiliate program and its terms at its sole discretion. This includes but is not limited to changes in commission rates, payment terms, and promotional guidelines. LocalXpose is not obligated to continue commissions or any other benefits under the previous ownership structure. Affiliates will be notified of any such changes via email or through the affiliate dashboard. It is the responsibility of the affiliate to regularly review the terms of the agreement for updates.

Periodic Validation

LocalXpose may conduct periodic validations of affiliate activities. Affiliates agree to provide proof of the methods used to bring users to LocalXpose if requested. Failure to provide satisfactory proof may result in the termination of the affiliate relationship.

General Website Terms and Privacy Policy

Affiliates acknowledge that the general website terms of use and privacy policy of LocalXpose apply. It is the responsibility of the affiliate to review and comply with these documents. By participating in the affiliate program, affiliates also agree to be bound by the general website terms of use and privacy policy.

Acceptance of Terms

By enrolling in the LocalXpose Affiliate Program, you confirm that you have read, understood, and agreed to the terms outlined in this Affiliate Program Agreement, including the additional prohibitions and the provision for periodic validation.