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A reverse proxy that enables you to expose your localhost to the internet.

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How Does LocalXpose Work ?


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Elegant CLI & ( GUI soon )
LocalXpose has two options, Command line or Graphical User Interface, Choose Whatever suits you best.
Multi Protocols & Regions
Start HTTP, TLS, TCP or UDP tunnel wherever you like in United states, Asia Pacific or Europe.
Custom Domains & Endpoints
Select your own custom domain (example.com) or subdomin (dev.loclx.io), or select an endpoint on specific port (us.loclx.io:8080).
Custom Wildcard Domains
Select your own custom wildcard domain (*.example.com).
Secure Tunnels
In addition to the default HTTPS tunnels, you can protect the tunnel with basic or key authentication, or you can start end2end tunnel with your own certificate.
Built-in Let's Encrypt
Issuing and renewal of let's encrypt certificate for your custom domain on the fly.
Built-in File Server
Serve any local system directory with no separate server.
Edit request & response headers
Add or delete any header of your http tunnel to adapt your environment.
Rate Limiter
Restrict the maximum number of allowed HTTP requests per second
IP Whitelisting
Grant access to specific IP addresses.
Pricing Plans

Our pricing is just as simple as the app

/ month
Unlimited connections
HTTP/s Only tunnels
4 Active tunnels
15 Minutes tunnel timeout
Interstitial page
Random Subdomain
Basic authentication
Key authentication
Rate limiter
IP whitelisting
Edit request & response headers
Built-in file server
/ month (Billed $60 yearly)
All Free features
HTTP/s, TLS, TCP and UDP Tunnels
10 Active tunnels
NO Timeout
No Interstitial page
Custom Subdomain
Custom Domain
Wildcard Custom domain
Custom TCP/UDP endpoint port
10 Domains and endpoints reservations
Built-in let's encrypt
For volume discounts, a dedicated LocalXpose network or on-premise hosting please contact us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone (DevOps, Developers, Web designers or even Gamers) who cant expose his local servers to the internet.