How LocalXpose works ?

Blocked Node

A node which wants to share localhosted services to the internet, paying Open Node to forward requests.

Open Node

A node which is accessible from the internet used to forward the requests to the blocked node, and it get paid by LocalXpose tokens.

End User

Anyone who accessing the blocked services (client ,family ,freinds ..etc).

Why localXpose ?

Features LocalXpose Competitors
Secure Tunnel
Tunnel Authentication
Custom Subdomain
Custom Domain
Cryptocurrency-based P2P platform
Availability (DDOS Proof)
Locations Options
Two Type of Users (provider, consumer)
Cross-platform (Windows – macOS – Linux - Android - IOS)
Bandwidth marketplace
Built-in SSL/TLS and domain name market
Pay as you go


Executive Team

Ahmed AL Hajri

CEO & Co-Founder
Developer of the popular tool for testing android security (AhMyth), security researcher, blockchain expert and full stack developer.

Omar Al Alawi

COO and Co-Founder
Public speaker in infosec with 4 years experience in security, risk & compliance specialist at Oman Data Park.

Falah Al Lawati

Software Engineer expert in web development, UX & UI Desinger with more than 3 years.


  • -Ideation.
    -Concept Design.
  • Draft Whitepaper.
  • -Lanuch Website.
  • Token Sale.
  • -List LXP tokens on crypto Exchanges
    -Release Beta version of Desktop App.
  • Release Beta Version of Android and IOS App.

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