Helium Port Forwarding (Remote Access Setup Guide)

30 Dec, 2022

Helium port forwarding is a great way to access devices from anywhere in the world. It allows secure remote access to devices by tunneling traffic through an encrypted connection. Port forwarding will help Miner communicates to other Miners. This is all made possible through a solution like LocalXpose.

Before we tell you more about LocalXpose (opens in a new tab) and how it can support your remote access setup, let’s first take a step back and consider what Helium port forwarding is and what it achieves.

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Helium Port Forwarding (What Is This?)

Helium port forwarding is a networking technique that allows incoming network traffic to be directed to a specific device on a private network. This is useful for applications that require external access, such as a Helium miner. By setting up port forwarding (opens in a new tab), you can route traffic from the internet to your local miner.

What ports do you forward for Helium?

The Helium network uses two ports for network communication: TCP port 44158 and UDP port 1680. For the Helium miner to function properly, you must forward these two ports.

Should I port forward my Helium miner?

Whether or not you should port forward your Helium miner depends on your specific setup and needs. If you want to access your miner remotely, or if you want to allow other devices on the internet to access it, then you will need to enable port forwarding. If you are only using your miner locally (opens in a new tab) and do not need external access, you will not need to enable port forwarding.

How do I set up port forwarding on my Helium miner?

Setting up port forwarding on your Helium miner is easily achievable using a solution like LocalXpose (opens in a new tab).

Let’s imagine an example of how you can configure port forwarding for your Helium miner.

Consider a situation where your Helium miner is listening on port 44158/TCP and it is not accessible through the internet. Only those on your local area network will have access to the miner. To access your Helium miner, you will need to download LocalXpose. This is a reverse proxy solution that allows you to expose your localhost to the internet without configuring your router. From your terminal, you can tell LocalXpose to forward any connections that come from the internet (on port 4444) to your local Helium miner. The command will appear something like the below:

./loclx tunnel tcp --port 4444 --to localhost:44158

This type of command will produce an address for you, such as us.loclx.io:4444, which you can utilize outside your network to access your Helium miner. Using IP whitelisting, LocalXpose’s reverse proxy will help you grant access to specific IP addresses (opens in a new tab), making it clear that only those you authorize are able to access your Helium miner.

Are you ready to get started? Unlock the potential of LocalXpose’s reverse proxy solution (opens in a new tab).

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