You can reserve a domain name so that it will never be assigned to another user, even if your tunnel is offline; you can reserve a subdomain of the form or a totally custom domain like


Reserve a subdomain

loclx domain reserve --subdomain dev

This will reserve the domain if you want to reserve in another region you need to pass --region ap for example then the final domain will be

Note that we advice to only reserve first level subdomains like to avoid TLS issues.

For example reserving will have TLS warning when access it. TLS certificate includes only the following:

  • *
  • *
  • *

Reserve a custom domain

loclx domain reserve --domain --region ap

The command above will reserve and it will return a DNS record that you need to add in your domain DNS settings, check THIS tutorial for more information.

One of the two flags --subdomain or --domain is required but not both.

Check if you configured your DNS correctly

loclx domain status --domain

This command will check your DNS if configured correctly, it may take time to see your domain as verified due to DNS propagation (opens in a new tab) time.

Create a Let's Encrypt certificate

Create a Let's Encrypt certificates for your reserved custom domain is simple with LocalXpose, you just need to run:

loclx domain letsencrypt --domain

This will create a Let's Encrypt certificate and store it in your machine, then you can use the generated certificate in your TLS tunnel.

Please make sure of the following rules:

  1. There is no a running tunnel using the domain which you want to issue a certificate for.
  2. The port 54538 is free.

Creating Let's Encrypt certificate mostly needed only when you want to use TLS tunnel, HTTP tunnel will automatically generate the certificate for you and handle the renewal too.

Wildcard custom domain

You can reserve a wildcard custom domain by doing

loclx domain reserve --domain '*'

Then you can start HTTP/s or TLS tunnel in this reserved wildcard domain by running:

loclx tunnel http --reserved-domain '*` # or '`

Read more here about creating tunnel with wildcard domain.

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