cannot connect to the localxpose agent

This error occur when your machine is unable to reach LocalXpose servers due to multiple factors:

  • Your firewall is blocking outbound port 54536/tcp.

Check if your can reach the internet on port 54536/tcp by running the following command:

telnet 54536

If you can't reach it then, open this port in your network and try again.

  • Your DNS is blocking LocalXpose DNS resolutions.

If you have a custom DNS in place like Cloudflare, Google, quad9, ...etc or you are using the default ISP DNS server, then check against them if you can resolve the domain for example:

# *nix OS
drill # or dig
# windows

You should see the IP in the response, if not then try to change your DNS server to Cloudflare, here is a tutorial for changing your DNS in *nix (opens in a new tab) or Windows (opens in a new tab).

  • **Your ISP is blocking LocalXpose traffic. **

If all the above do not work then most probably your ISP is blocking LocalXpose traffic, then the only solution is to start your tunnels with a VPN.

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