1. Installing Minecraft Launcher

Go to Official mine-craft store and download the game launcher. Once you download the game launcher, you can proceed with logging in.

2. Starting a map

Once you have your Minecraft downloaded, you may start a map. Next click on "Open to LAN" to invite your friends to the map.

In the next menu, you can set some options for your friends. You should click on "Start LAN World" to start inviting players.

You should see Minecraft open a port for incoming multiplayer connection. In this case the port is** 46629**.

3. Exposing with LocalXpose

Next, You can go ahead and expose the port **46629 **with LocalXpose.

$loclx tunnel tcp --to --port 46629 --region ap
 Creating TCP tunnel...
Tunneling TCP: ap-2.loclx.io:46629 -->

Choosing a region closer to you will give you lower latency, also you can choose any endpoint port if port 46629 is taken.

Your friends can use the endpoint provided by LocalXpose [ap-2.loclx.io:46629] to connect to your Local game server.

You need to have your Minecraft and LocalXpose running in background, else your friends won't be able to connect.

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