Create a custom domain name

This tutorial will explain how to create a custom domain name that will be used in HTTP/TLS tunnels.

1. Buy a domain name

First of all you should bought a domain name from domain registrars like (GoDaddy, DNSimple, Namecheap...etc), in this example Namecheap will be used to manage our domain name.
We already have a domain name from namecheap which will be used in this tutorial.

2. Reserve it on localxpose

After you bought a domain name you can now reserve it on localxpose as follows:

Using CLI:

Reserve a domain name using CLI

3. Add cname record

From Namecheap dashboard --> Domain List --> click on "Manage" button
Go to advanced DNS
Advanced DNS
From dropdown menu click on "CNAME Record"
CNAME Record
Finally enter the host and value which you reserved from step 2, in our case the host is and the value is and then click "Save Changes"
Enter host and value

4. Verify cname record

You can verify the cname record if it is added correctly from localxpose
loclx domain status --domain

5. Start a tunnel

Finally you can use the reserved custom domain name in your tunnel
loclx tunnel http --reserved-domain
Go to that custom domain name